31.000 m2

leasable area

leasable area

year 2020

LEED Certificate

leasable area

35.000 m2

public space

25.200m2 public space

7.000 m2


2.100 m2 retail

The future of world-class design and architecture

Sky Park will form a one-of-a-kind juxtaposition of worldclass modern architecture, thoughtful urban planning and 20th-century cultural heritage – three jewels joined into one modern masterpiece. Combining all three into one seamless piece was a challenge, but one that the different creators took on fearlessly. Four modern residences by Zaha Hadid Architects, offices by Vietzke & Borstelmann, the Jurkovič Heating Plant and a wonderful public space have been designed to connect people with one another and Bratislava.

The 18-floor office building will include 31.000 sq m of leasable area and 600 parking spaces, and fulfills the sustainable conditions required by the LEED certificate.